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Nutrition in Foods Me-Mz

Find the foods you want nutrition information on from the list of links below. You can use the descriptions to navigate the list and find what you are looking for.

Meat drippings Description: ((lard, beef tallow, mutton tallow))
Meat extender Description: (reg)
Meatballs Description: (meatless)
Meatless sausage Description: (meatless)
Medium grain rice Description: (white, cooked)
Medium rye flour Description: (medium)
Melba toast Description: (plain, wo/salt)
Melon balls Description: (frozen)
Mexican baking chocolate Description: (squares)
Microwave popcorn Description: (lofat&na)
Milk chocolate Description: (m&m mars)
Milk chocolate Description: (reg)
Milk crackers Description: (reg)
Milk shake Description: (thick choc)
Milk substitutes Description: (fluid w/hydr vegetable oils)
Milkfish Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Milkfish Description: (raw)
Milkshake mix Description: (dry, not choc)
Milky way Description: (dk bar)
Milky way Description: (reg choc)
Millet Description: (cooked)
Millet Description: (puffed)
Millet Description: (raw)
Mince pie Description: (prep from recipe)
Minestrone soup Description: (canned, chunky, rts)
Minestrone soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Mini milk chocolate Description: (m&m mars)
Miso Description: (reg)
Mission foods Description: (mission flr tortillas, soft taco, 8 inch)
Mixed grain bread Description: ((incl whole grain, 7 grain))
Mixed nuts Description: (dry roasted, w/peanuts, w/salt)
Mixed vegetables Description: (mxd (corn, lima beans, peas, grn beans, crrt) canned, no salt)
Mocha flavour coffee Description: (instant, w/sugar, mocha flavour, powder)
Molasses cookies Description: (reg)
Molasses Description: (reg)
Monkfish Description: (raw)
Monterey cheese Description: (reg)
Moose Description: (cooked, roasted)
Mori nu Description: (tofu, silken, firm)
Mortadella Description: (beef, pork)
Mothbeans Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Mothers cinnamon oat crunch Description: (quaker)
Mothers cocoa bumpers Description: (quaker)
Mothers groovy grahams Description: (quaker)
Mothers honey roundup Description: (quaker)
Mothers peanut butter bumpers Description: (quaker)
Mothers toasted oat bran Description: (brown sugar, quaker)
Mountain yam Description: (hawaii, cooked, stmd, w/salt)
Mozzarella cheese Description: (lo na)
Muenster cheese Description: (reg)
Muesli Description: (dried fruit & nuts)
Mueslix Description: (kellogg's)
Muffin Description: (plain, unenr, wo/ca prop (incl sourdough))
Muffin Description: (raisin cinnamon (incl apple cinnamon))
Muffins Description: (blueberry, commly prep)
Muffins Description: (plain, enr, wo/ca prop (incl sourdough))
Muffins Description: (plain, unenr, w/ca prop (incl sourdough))
Mulberries Description: (raw)
Mullet Description: (striped, raw)
Multi bran chex Description: (general mills)
Multi grain cheerios Description: (general mills)
Mung beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Mung beans Description: (mature seeds, sprouted, canned, drained sol)
Mungo beans Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Mushroom barley soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Mushroom beef stock Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Mushroom gravy Description: (canned)
Mushroom soup Description: (cream of, canned, cond, red na)
Mushroom soup Description: (w/barley, canned, prep w/eq volume h2o, comm)
Mushrooms Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Mushrooms Description: (raw)
Muskrat Description: (cooked, roasted)
Mussel Description: (blue, raw)
Mustard cabbage Description: (salted)
Mustard greens Description: (raw)
Mustard oil Description: (reg)
Mustard seed Description: (yellow)
Mustard spinach Description: ((tendergreen), raw)
Mustard Description: (prepared, yellow)

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