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We've pulled together all the diets and dieting plans that we consider to be the leading ones in the UK. With sound information that spans all the latest diets and dieting plans, you can browse through at your leisure.

We have redesigned all the diets pages to carry details of what makes up the dieting plan, the pro's and cons and links for more information and to sign up online (where applicable). It goes without saying that a healthy diet combined with a good exercise program is the best and most effective way to lose weight. Diet plans from A to E

Abs diet
By gaining muscle you burn extra calories so for example is build 5lb of muscle you could burn an additional 250 calories every day - with no dieting. It's all about eating the correct foods and exercising...
Abs diet review »
Abs diet book review » [Coming Soon]

Atkins diet
The most well known of the low-carbohydrate diets, created in the 70s. More information can be found in the book 'Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution' or reading our review...
Atkins diet diet review »
Atkins diet diet book review »

Beverley Hills diet
Created by the actress Judy Mazel (Actress; a good qualification?) It is a type of food combining diet. It claims that by following the plan for the full 35 days a weight loss of 10-15 pounds is expected...
Beverley Hills diet diet review » [Coming soon]
Beverley Hills diet diet book review »

Blood type diet
Devised by Peter J D'Adamo M.D and was popularized in the book 'Eat Right For Your Type'. The basic premise for this diet is that the four main blood groups each react in different ways to different foods...
Blood type diet review »
Blood type diet book review »

Body for Life diet
Created by Bill Phillips it's 12 weeks of dieting and intense activity in sync. High in protein, the nutritional approach is that Six small meals are recommended each day...
Body for Life diet review »
Body for Life book review » [Coming Soon]

Body Clock diet
This plan is all about getting in tune with your body's natural rhythms as they control your metabolism, appetite and energy levels ...
Body Clock diet review »
Body Clock diet book review » [Coming Soon]

Cabbage Soup diet
Allegedly created in the 90s for patients recovering from surgery. A watercress version is also available but most types of vegetable soup would do. Some versions claim that cabbage has unique fat burning properties...
Cabbage soup diet review »
Cabbage soup diet book review »

Calorie restriction diet
This diet looks to a 30% to 40% reduction in total calorie intake. It also guides you to ingest nutrient-rich natural foods over highly processed or sugar based snacks...
Calorie restriction diet review »
Calorie restriction diet book review » [Coming Soon]

Curves plan
You follow a high protein and low carbohydrate diet whilst doing more exercise. You build muscle and therefore boost your metabolism and burn extra calories (see Abs diet above)...
Curves plan diet review »
Curves plan diet book review » [Coming Soon]

Detox diet
Increase fruit, vegetables, beans and fish (ie fibre) whilst at the same all but eliminate red meat and poultry, wheat, anything with alcohol and caffeine and salt. Intrigued?
Detox diet review »
Detox diet book review » [Coming Soon]

Diabetic diet
Not strictly a diet you can choose, a carbohydrate controlled diet used to be the form. However, there is now no special diabetes diet apart from following a balanced and healthy eating plan...
Diabetic diet review »
Diabetic diet book review » [Coming Soon]

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