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Dr. Atkins diet books

If you've not had a look at the information on the Dr Atkins Diet that we have on Weight Loss For Good then check out our Atkins Diet page.

If you have already had a look and think that the Dr Atkins Diet is for you but you need further information then check out the books we recommend below.

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins DietAuthor: Robert C Atkins
(Paperback 2 January, 2003
Publisher: Vermilion)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Follow the Dr Atkins diet and forget counting calories. Watch the fat melt away as a healthier and firmer body emerges. Enjoy more energy as well as freedom from a range of ailments from diabetes to heart disease.

Essentially a low carbohydrate plan, the Atkins diet boosts your metabolic rate and once your metabolism is changed, your body adjusts to a new way of burning fat. Dieting can work, and with this medically proven regime you can lose weight without reducing or counting calories.

On the Atkins diet you can eat luxuriously and feel completely satisfied, experience the metabolic boost the Atkins diet provides, use a maintenance diet that will ensure you never become fat again and enjoy mouth-watering, gourmet recipes.

In this new edition the world's number one diet expert has updated his proven programme for a new century to include new controlled carbohydrate recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, brand new case studies and the very latest scientific research.

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