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Diet Plans

Which of the many diet plans on the market will work for you? There are a vast array of diet plans around, and everyone has their favourite, even the stars - Claire Sweeney is a Weight Watcher, and Jennifer Aniston goes for a low-carb diet. But the diet plans that work for celebrities aren't necessarily going to suit your lifestyle.

Some diets are celebrity-endorsed, others are medically approved, and others come recommended through word of mouth. Some of the questions worth bearing in mind when choosing the right programme for you are:

  • How much can you lose?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much inconvenience will it cause to your lifestyle?
  • How hungry is it going to leave you feeling?
Abs Diet

The abs diet does not have you cut out any major categories of food products, it makes for a well-rounded, healthy approach to weight loss.

Atkins Diet

Active individuals are encouraged to add certain types of carbohydrates while on the Atkins plan, however they are to be taken in around exercise.

>> Abs Diet
Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type diet does not have you restricting calories to incredibly low levels so this is a good approach for those who are looking for a moderately paced weight loss.

Body Clock diet

This diet encourages only eating carbohydrates earlier in the day when you can burn them off and sticking to just protein and fat later in the evening.

>> Blood Type diet
Body for Life

The Body For Life plan stresses the importance of exercise with diet and a detailed program is outlined for you.

Cabbage Soup diet

The drawbacks to the Cabbage Soup diet are that it is not nutritionally sound for extended periods therefore it is best to only go on it for a brief period of time.

>> Body for Life
Calorie Restriction diet

If hunger does not bother you all that much, the Calorie Restriction plan might be a good one for you to follow.

Curves Plan

When going on the Curves plan you'll consume between 1200 and 1600 calories per day coming from a variety of food choices.

>> Calorie Restriction diet
Detox Diet

With the detox diet is to cleanse the system and help you promote overall wellbeing.

Diabetic Diet

You don't necessarily have to suffer from this disease to go on the Diabetic diet as it's perfect for increasing energy levels.

>> Detox Diet
Fit For Life Diet

The Fit For Life diet program does not have you count calories but rather focus on what types of foods are going to be best tolerated by your body.

Food Combining diet

The main principle is combining foods such as protein and starch choices should always be eaten separately in order to avoid a disruption in the natural pH balance in the body.

>> Fit for Life diet
GI Diet

The GI diet is one that relies heavily on how fast carbohydrates are released into the blood stream. The slower the carbohydrate is, the more applicable it is to eat on this program.

Grapefruit diet

The downside to the Grapefruit diet is that it only provides roughly about 800 calories so while it will help promote rapid weight loss, that weight loss is not likely to last.

>> GI Diet
Hay diet

When following the Hay Diet, you are encouraged to only eat fruits and vegetables with protein foods and have starches in separate meals.

High Fibre diet

This diet will serve to improve digestive functioning and promote overall feelings of wellness.

>> Hay diet
High Protein diet

While on the high protein diet it is important to consume enough vegetables however, so that you aren't short on B-vitamins.

Hollywood Diet

This plan helps you lose weight by drinking a special beverage including two meals in your day consisting of lean protein and vegetables.

>> High Protein diet
Jenny Craig Diet

When on the Jenny Craig diet you can choose from a wide selection of pre-made meals so that way you never have to think when it comes to cooking.

Mayo Clinic Diet

Find out more on this specific diet designed to help you shed the extra pounds.

>> Jenny Craig Diet
Low-Carbohydrate Diet

Followers of the low-carbohydrate diet programs should keep in mind however that they still should be including vegetables in their day in order to meet their nutrient requirements.

Low-Protein Diet

For those who have kidney problems, a low-protein diet may be prescribed but can be followed by any other dieters.

>> Low-Carbohydrate Diet
Macrobiotic Diet

Consumption of seasonal fruit is highly encouraged on the Macrobiotic Diet as are specialty items such as miso soup and seaweed.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a great option for those who are currently suffering from high cholesterol.

>> Macrobiotic Diet
No Carbs after 5pm

Followers of the No Carbs After 5 PM plan find that they often lose weight because the typical snack foods that cause problems for many people are those that are high in starches.

Pritikin diet

You'll also take in legumes, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams while on the Pritikin diet along with ensuring you get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.

>> No Carbs after 5pm
Scarsdale Diet

The main foods you will eat while on the Scarsdale diet include lean sources of protein along with fruits and vegetables.

Slimming World Diet

You will alternate between high-carb days and low carb days until you achieve the weight loss you've been wanting.

>> Scarsdale Diet
South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is set up to work in stages so that it is not a huge nutritional overhaul from the beginning.

Sugar Busters Diet

This plan focuses on helping to control your insulin response and therefore helping to avoid feeling so of hunger.

>> South Beach Diet
Sugar Addicts Diet

While on the Sugar Addicts diet you will eat plenty of fresh vegetables along with protein to help you shed pounds.

Traffic Light diet

There is no counting calories while you are on this plan - all you need to do is stick with the foods that are termed green.

>> Sugar Addicts Diet
Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watchers diet puts you on a points system where you can choose whichever foods you like to make up these points.

The Zone diet

Because the Zone diet does not have you eating very low carbohydrate levels, it is a terrific option for individuals involved in a lot of athletic activity.

>> Weight Watchers Diet