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Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet involves fasting for 48 hours and drinking a special "miracle juice" which is a blend of essential fruits, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and essential oils. However, as our diet plan review explains, nutritionists have often dismissed this programme as a 'fad'. The Hollywood diet claims that it cleanses your body out by washing out toxins and fat. There are no diet meal plans or recipes for this programme, as it is essentially a fast, a way of starving yourself, and any weight loss will be quickly regained as the strategy primarily causes water to be lost from the body. The Hollywood diet claims that followers can lose up to ten pounds in 48 hours, whilst the "miracle juice" provides 100%RDA of all essential vitamins and minerals.

Many people find going without solid food for 48 hours a distressing experience, and experience headaches, weakness, hot and cold flushes as well as intense hunger pangs, but there are those who swear by the Hollywood Diet, and claim that the headaches and feelings of nausea are simply toxins leaving the body.

There are many critics of the programme, including many health professionals, who claim that the programme can be dangerous, causing weight to yoyo up and down, which can cause health problems. If you lose any body weight at all on this diet you'll gain the weight back in a flash plus a whole lot extra (due to the metabolism slowing down). Other critics of the programme claim that the only way to lose weight safely and effectively is to reduce calorific input and increase exercise.