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Curves Plan

According to the Curves Plan, if you follow a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and increase your exercise levels, you'll build muscle, boost your metabolism, lose weight and keep the weight off permanently. Read more about the Curves Plan and how it works in our diet plan review.

The Curves plan is in fact a low-fat variation on the Atkins diet. You can choose between either a carbohydrate-sensitive or calorie-sensitive version. For the carb-sensitive version, you're limited to 20g of carbs per day for two weeks, then 40-60g of carbs per day after this. The calorie-sensitive version allows 1200 calories per day for the first fortnight, which then goes up to 1600 calories per day.

To decide which of these two programmes will suit you best, you complete a questionnaire which will guide you towards the right diet meal plans for you. Alongside the nutritional guidelines there is also an exercise programme to follow, and you're also recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Most carbohydrates are banned by both versions, while low-fat, high-protein foods are recommended.

Once you've reached your target weight you should weigh yourself daily, and if you gain 4-5lb you should go back on the more restrictive first phase of the programme for 48 hours to help you shed the pounds again.

Shopping lists and recipes are available for both the carb-sensitive and calorie-sensitive versions of the programme. You can expect to lose approximately 6-10lb in the first two weeks, then 1-2lb per week after that.