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No Carbs After 5 PM

The theory behind "No carbs after 5pm", also known as the "carb curfew diet" is that by cutting out carbohydrates in the evening, you will be reducing your overall intake of calories for the day. As our diet plan review explains, this can help you to lose weight, and cutting carbohydrates can also make you feel less bloated.

"No carbs after 5pm" is a 28-day programme. You choose one breakfast lunch and "carb curfew" evening meal every day from the range of diet meal plans and recipes, and you also consume a pint of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk per day. Alongside the "No carbs after 5pm" eating programme there is also an exercise programme focusing on stomach toning exercises and walking.

Your breakfast and lunch will be carbohydrate-rich, but you are encouraged to choose food that has a low to moderate GI, or glycaemic index, rating. This means that your body will break down the carbohydrates more slowly, leaving you feeling full for a longer period. Your evening meal will be a main meal without the carbohydrate element. So instead of spaghetti Bolognese, for example, you would have the Bolognese sauce without the pasta. If you have a stir-fry, you'll have it without rice, and if you're eating a classic roast 'meat and two veg' meal, you wouldn't include potatoes.

The programme promises to help you lose 5 inches from your waistline in 28 days. It has the advantage of helping you to cut calories without having to count them every day, and is simple to understand. On the other hand, if your lifestyle makes it hard for you to eat your main meal at lunchtime, you may end up missing out on the food energy you need to get you through the next day.