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Body Clock Diet

The Body Clock diet is based on the principle that it's not just what you eat but when you eat it that determines how much weight you put on. Our diet plan review of the Body Clock diet explains the principle behind this eating plan, and how it could benefit you.

The Body Clock diet is designed to bring your eating in synch with your circadian, or natural rhythms, which affect your sleeping patterns, metabolism, appetite and energy levels. By timing your meals to suit your natural rhythms you'll be working in sympathy with the chemical reactions that control feelings of hunger and fullness.

The 14-day diet meal plans include three meals and two snacks per day. For vegetarians, the plan is 7 days long. Daily recipes are provided, and include plenty of starch-based carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, protein-rich foods and low-fat dairy products; in other words, a healthy, balanced eating plan. What's more the menus provide flexibility, so different meals can be mixed and matched, and you are provided with the nutritional know-how to adapt and expand the recipes over the following weeks.

By filling a questionnaire, you can identify your own circadian rhythms, so you'll be able to work out the best times to eat. And you can expect to lose up to 2lb a week in weight if you stick to the programme. The plan was devised by a dietician, and is based on sound scientific and medical research. Not only does it introduce you to the concept of understanding and following your own natural rhythms, it also focuses on making it easy for you to make lifestyle changes that will help you to keep healthy and control your weight.