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Cabbage diet book

The Cabbage Soup diet book, does not sound like an appealing dietor read!! but it can get results for some.

If you are looking to follow the Cabbage Soup diet book then we have recommended some books that will help you to follow the Cabbage Soup diet. Use the links to find out further details about the Beverly Hills diet books. Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet

The New Cabbage Soup Diet book  

Cabbage Soup DietAuthor: M Danbrot
(Paperback, 23 March, 2004 Publisher: Saint Martin's Press)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

This diet is extremely effective in helping users lose weight. One can expect to lose nearly 20 pounds after just one week on the diet. This diet is not for people who are pregnant, out of shape, over 20 pounds overweight, or who have any medical condition.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Book  

Cabbage Soup RecipeAuthor: Marjorie Daniels
(Paperback, 3 January, 2001
Publisher: Blake Publishing Ltd)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

The Cabbage Soup Diet is perhaps one of the biggest dieting phenomenon of recent years. It allows you to lose up to ten pounds in seven days - and never feel hungry, because you can eat as much of soup as you like. This book provides variations on the diet.

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