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Body clock diet

Developed by Leading dietitian and nutritionist Lyndel Costain, the Body Clock Diet is based on a 14 day calorie controlled diet meal plan which aims to teach you the skills you need to change the way you eat.

The Body Clock Diet works to make it easy for you to make lifestyle changes, and provides flexible diet meal plans that you can mix and match to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks each day.

In addition to basic advice on what you eat, the Body Clock Diet also suggests that you should be careful about the timing of your meals in order to fit in with the natural rhythm of your body.

Pros : Body clock diet

  • Developed by a respected nutritionist
  • Emphasizes eating the right kind of food
  • Aims for a realistic weight loss of around 2 pounds per week
  • Includes both recipes and general eating advice
  • Gives a clear and concise explanation of how the body works and why we gain weight

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Publications : Body clock diet

An approach to weight loss that is both scientific and realistic, Costain argues that eating delicious but healthy meals and snacks at regular intervals throughout the day will help you lose weight.

This is a practical approach that includes calorie controlled diet meal plans as well as a selection of recipes to get you started.

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Example recipes : Body clock diet

Costain is a big advocate of healthy eating, and one of the foods she recommends is the humble watercress.

While watercress is often added to soups, Costain suggests that its distinctive mustardy flavour can help enrich a wide range of dishes including sauces, pasta, baked with fish or in a stir-fry.

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Verdict : clock for Life diet

This is a positive, no-nonsense diet plan review for people who are interested in learning how to live a healthier life while losing excess weight.

It will help you to understand how the food we eat and when we eat it can affect our metabolism, and ultimately whether we lose or gain weight.