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Nutritional advice

The Body Clock diet is full of nutrition advice that is well balanced and based on sound principles. The main nutritional advice that this approach gives you is that it is best to eat foods when your body is going to naturally need them.

The Body Clock program has you eating a range of food choices that are scheduled according to your circadian rhythm. By using this nutrition advice, you will work with the chemical reactions in your body that occur when food is given and help to regulate and control the feelings of hunger that are experienced.

This makes staying with the plan that much easier as hunger is one of the largest factors that throw's any dieter off their plan.

When you purchase the book you'll also be given a quick quiz to take that helps you identify how your body 'ticks' so that you will be able to choose the right approach to the plan for you. Some individuals have metabolisms that function slightly different than others so determining which type you have will aid in maximizing the results you get while on this diet program.

When you do this program properly, you can see up to a two-pound weight loss per week, which is a safe goal to have for heavier individuals (lighter people will aim for slightly less).