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The body clock diet does not promise to be some miracle weight loss product but rather a sound approach to nutrition that will help you lose weight. Many times when you come across a weight loss product you'll find that it's full of testimonials from a variety of individuals who claim it works miracles. However, upon reading the fine print you'll find the words: "Results not typical." This right there tells you that that is likely one weight loss product that is not going to work all that well.

The main principle that the block clock diet enforces is that you should only be eating at certain times during the day when your metabolism is at its fastest. This will help you to better control your weight and hunger levels because you are working with your natural circadian rhythms. The plan lasts for fourteen days and gives you three meals per day along with two snacks.

Composing these meals you'll be allowed a variety of foods include starchy carbs, fruit, vegetables, protein-rich foods and low-fat dairy foods. Because it is not cutting out any major food groups nor taking an extremist approach to get you seeing weight loss, the Body Clock diet really quite straightforward to understand and follow.