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Hollywood diet

Often advertised on late night TV as a "48-hour miracle diet", the Hollywood Diet is designed as a quick shock to the system to lose weight fast.

Proponents of the Hollywood Diet claim that you can lose between 5 and 15 pounds in two days on this diet meal plan due to the effects of the "specially formulated juice drink" which they sell - this is claimed to stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat.

Pros : Hollywood diet

  • Makes you think about what you eat
  • You should refrain from alcohol, smoking, and caffeine while on this diet meal plan

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Example recipes : High hollywood diet

Hollywood Diet Juice

  • One cup Papaya Juice
  • One banana
  • One-half cup green tea/strongly brewed
  • One scoop soy protein powder w/spirulina
  • One-half cup blueberries/ can be frozen
  • One-fourth cup carrot juice
  • One-fourth cup apricot juice
  • One-half cup non-fat plain yogurt
  • One pack sweet & low

Blend all of the above together till smooth. Serve over ice. Recipe yields 2 servings. Drink every 3 hours or less (up to 6 times per day). Use juices with no added sugar or corn syrups, as this is the key to losing quickly.

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Verdict : Hollywood diet

Even a cursory diet plan review reveals that is a diet to avoid. Weight loss is likely, but it will be due to a severe and unhealthy calorie restriction, and will soon return.

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