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Diet food

While on the Hollywood Diet, there are certain diet food recommendations. The main portion of this plan is to only consume the specified drink for a period of 24 or 48 hours, depending on which version you are doing.

This is when you are going to experience the most rapid weight loss and see the cleansing and health benefits that are promoted by the plan.

If you wish to keep on this program after this time period has ended however, you can but you need to make a few alterations in terms of the diet food you will be consuming.

First, you are going to replace one meal a day with the special drink formula called the 'Hollywood Daily Miracle Diet'. This is made from a combination of 16 fruits and vegetables and will still help to promote weight loss while using it. In addition to that, then you want to add some diet food such as more raw vegetables and fruit along with lean protein sources like chicken, fish and egg whites. Note that red meat, dairy, sugar, diet sodas, salty snacks, fatty foods and highly processed sugar sweets are to be avoided.

The program recommends that you also do not eat after six pm and take a 'Hollywood Mega Miracle 75' two times a day along with a 30 minute brisk walk each day to really jump start the weight loss process.