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Slimming product

The Hollywood Diet is a slimming product that was created as a means to achieve rapid weight loss. The first 48-Hour Miracle Diet was an instant hit on the slimming product market back in December of 2007 and now this diet is designed to bring you the same dieting benefits that you would see while visiting a spa at a fraction of the cost.

This slimming product is meant to disrupt your usual food intake in order to help cleanse the digestive system and help to activate the body's own natural fat burning engine.

The diet consists of a special formula of all-natural juices and botanical extracts. Contained in the beverage are all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential oils that you need so you won't start to see malnutrition while going on the plan. Do keep in mind as well that you will only be on this program for a short period of time so it is not enough to cause a great the metabolic slow-down symptoms that are common on other dietary approaches.

The makers of this diet claim that if you follow all the instructions you can lose up to 10 pounds in 48 hours or 4.5% of your bodyweight - whichever is highest.

Bear in mind that while doing this two day cleanse you should refrain from strenuous exercise as that will only put extra stress on your body and interfere with the detoxification process.