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Diet recipe & meal preparation

When looking for a diet recipe while on the food combining plan, you'll want to find one that focuses on strictly protein foods or strictly carbohydrate rich foods.

One type of diet recipe that would work well is any kind of pasta dish. For example spaghetti with tomato sauce would be good because it only contains mostly carbohydrates. You do not want to add meatballs though because this would mean adding meat to the dish and that is not allowed on this program.

Similarly, if you for breakfast you are going to have eggs, leave out the hashbrowns and just add bacon. As this is another protein rich food it will compliment the eggs (also protein rich).

A diet recipe that includes fruit will have to mostly just contain fruit since this type of food is to be eaten by itself. An example here is a fruit salad jazzed up with some real fruit juice. Another choice would be taking some homemade applesauce and stirring in some fresh berries to make a good combination of flavours.

For all dishes you can go ahead and add herbs and spices however as these will not affect the principles of the plan and will help to increase the way they taste.