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Diabetic recipe

When looking for a diabetic recipe there are a few things to consider. First you must look at the total carbohydrate type of foods that are called for in the diabetic recipe.

Keep in mind that flour, dry oats, sugar, brown sugar and all such ingredients are full of carbohydrates. In order to prevent a large blood sugar spike, you should try limiting the amount of these in all baked goods. Sugar substitutes can easily be used as a replacement to take care of a large part of the problem.

In main course diabetic recipes, if it is calling for rice, pasta or potatoes, consider replacing half the amount with vegetables. Another terrific option for those who would like to make a stir-fry is to use spaghetti squash in replacement of noodles to serve the stir-fry over.

Cook up a bit batch of vegetables, throw in your lean meat and sauce and then toss it with some cooked squash and you've got yourself a delicious, fairly low carbohydrate meal.

For dessert, one good option is to serve sugar free Jell-O with some low fat whip cream or some real fruit mixed in. You can also experiment by mixing in cottage cheese or yogurt with sugar free Jell-O for more of a mousse type of dish.

Because more and more individuals are dealing with this you can rest-assured that there are plenty of cookbooks out there now that cater all their dishes to this condition. Additionally, anything you find online or otherwise that is termed 'low-carb' would also likely be a safe bet for you to eat.