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Weight Watchers

The tried and tested Weight Watchers formula has helped people lose weight for over 35 years, and is now available online.

Weight Watchers maintain the philosophy that healthy and long-term weight loss is something that everyone can achieve.

Here's how you can lose weight and keep it off with Weight Watchers:

  • Food
    Find a programme that will provide you with a healthy, well balanced and interesting diet - programmes can include your favourite foods, give you plenty to eat, and also fit in with your lifestyle.

  • Exercise
    Start exercising by doing something you enjoy, and that fits in with your lifestyle, then gradually increase the amount of exercise you do.

  • Lifestyle
    Follow tried and tested strategies to change your attitudes and behaviour in the long term, to help you keep losing weight.

  • Support
    The online community provides encouragement and motivation for your whole weight-loss journey

    In addition, online members can benefit from the following web-based features:
    • Online weight-loss tools
    • Guides and information
    • Weekly emails
    • Hundreds of recipes and meal ideas
  • POINTS? Plan
    If you're following the POINTS plan, one of the key online tools available is the interactive POINTS tracker, which enables you to find out the POINTS value of nearly 30,000 different foods.

  • Core Plan
    For anyone following the Core Plan, the website enables you to browse easily through the Core Food List, making it simpler to keep your diet healthy.

  • Switch Plan
    The Switch Plan acknowledges that no two people are alike. Focusing on flexibility, the Switch Plan guides you towards small changes that can enable you to take control and learn healthy eating habits.

Whichever plan you choose, this is a weight loss resource with the flexibility and experience to help you reach your goals whatever your individual needs and lifestyle.