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Tesco Diets

Offering members a tailored personal eating plan, Tesco Diets provides a flexible and customised service that helps you integrate weight loss into your lifestyle.

Members choose their preferred plan, then complete a questionnaire to help tailor a Tesco Diets programme to their needs, lifestyle and food preferences. Whether you're struggling to fit a weight loss programme into a hectic life, have medical reasons for needing to lose weight, or simply want to look and feel better, Tesco Diets have a variety of plans to suit every individual.

There are sixteen different types of eating plan available via the website, including well-known programmes such as the GI plan, as well as those tailored towards specific health needs, such as diabetes or heart health. All nutritional plans are designed by a team of expert dieticians, and follow UK government healthy eating guidelines.

All plans include three main meals and a snack every day, and encourage a sensible and healthy approach to weight loss, based around controlling portion sizes. Members of the website community have access to the following facilities:

  • Personalised weekly meal plans
    Tailored to your level of activity, food preferences, lifestyle, health requirements and weight loss goals.

  • A weekly shopping list
    Based on your weekly meal plans and provided in printer-ready format.

  • A mentor
    To provide advice, motivation, and celebrate your success with you.

  • A weekly weigh in
    Input your weight online in private, at a time that suits you.

  • Access to nutrition experts
    Available by email, phone or live chat room.

  • An online community
    Meet thousands of fellow dieters on message boards and in chatrooms

  • Regular online meetings
    Hosted by a nutrition or fitness expert.

  • Weekly newsletters
    Tips, advice, motivation and ideas are delivered to you every week.