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Getfit Nutrition

The experts at Getfit nutrition offer an online service that aims to help you lose weight and get in shape to reach your personal dieting goals.

Joining Getfit Nutrition costs ?9.95 per month, and membership includes unlimited access to their website, a LEANpack, personalised diet and nutrition targets, and the support and motivation of their qualified team.

Dietitians, fitness experts and registered nutritionists are on hand online to help you find solutions to your particular weight loss issues, so that you can keep on losing weight and working towards your fitness goals.

Your own virtual HealthCoach enables you to tap into invaluable support and motivational tools. There's also a Life Skills section, containing expert advice on how to manage the day to day problems of sticking to your weight loss programme. Find tips on how to eat a balanced diet every day, whether you're at home, in the office, or socialising, so that you can lose weight without having to give up your lifestyle at the same time.

The website's unique Nutrition Card Healthy Eating and Weight Loss System enables you to keep track of what you eat every day. A personal diet plan created for you by the site's nutritionists and dieticians ensures that you eat a balanced diet at the same time as losing weight.

And because everybody is human, your weight loss targets are realistic, including treats such as chocolate and alcohol, so starting a diet needn't mean giving up on all your former pleasures. What's more, your plan includes all the major food groups, to ensure your body gets all the daily nutrients it needs to function healthily, even while you're cutting down your food intake.