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Diet Watch

An online tracker service, a Diet Watch gives you the option of following their own healthy meal plans, or choosing any other brand of diet, incluing Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Atkins. Whichever option you choose,a Diet Watch enables you to follow a personalised eating plan, giving you the maximum potential for successful weight loss.

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to choose healthy and nutritious food at every meal. A Diet Watch provdes meal plans which are designed by professional dietitians to help you reach your weight loss goals, and stay healthy in the process.

Here are some of the range of plans available through this online service:

  • "Heart Healthy" Mediterranean Plan
  • No Restrictions Plan
  • Reduced Carbohydrates Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan

Your personal plan includes all the elements necessary to make your weight loss programme a success:

  • Food
    Customise your shopping lists and create a personalised meal planner with the site's online tools. You can also keep track of your calorie intake using the Nutritional Tracker, and receive Automatic Reminders and Alerts by email.

  • Fitness
    The site also offers you access to a Personal Exercise Programme and Exercise Tracker, which will help you balance the nutritional side of your programme with your fitness routine.

  • Self-image
    The site offers advice and support to maintain your overall well-being throughout the weight-loss process, including sections on Body Image, Emotions, Goal Setting and Positive Thinking.

  • Support
    As well as expert advice, the site also includes an online community. With chat rooms, blogs, message boards, and a find-a-friend search, as well as expert advice and daily tips, you'll soon realise you're not alone in pursuing your goals.