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Biggest Loser Club

Giving weight loss a fun spin, the Biggest Loser Club invites you to interact online with the show's experts and contestants. You can also access the same diet and fitness programme that contestants are following on the show, personalised to suit your own lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Lasting weight loss requires a long-term commitment. A few weeks of dieting may provide you with short-term results, but unless you make weight loss a part of your lifestyle, you'll quickly return to your former eating habits, only to see the weight piling back on again. Joining the Biggest Loser Club can help you find the willpower to change your eating habits for good.

Members of the Biggest Loser Club have unlimited access to all the online programme's features, which include:

  • Active message boards
  • Animated fitness demos
  • Daily meal plans tailored to your own preferences and lifestyle
  • Online interaction with the TV show's experts Bob and Kim, as well as with the contestants.
  • Online journal
  • Shopping lists and recipes
  • The same diet and fitness programmes used on the TV show, personalised to your individual goals.
  • Weekly newsletter including insider tips
  • Weight tracker

An online service specifically designed to help you change your long-term attitudes to food and fitness, the site also provides access to an online community, which includes successful contestants from the TV show. The US show is a major hit on the NBC network, and has helped thousands of people across America to reach their own weight loss goals.