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Diet recipes

When looking for a diet recipe while following this plan, you'll want to focus in on getting as many of the 'green' ingredients as possible while limiting the amount of 'red' ingredients you consume.

Since the green ingredients would be foods such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk and yogurt along with fish these should make up the staple of the meal. So for instance, find a diet recipe for a cold shrimp salad that includes plenty of deep coloured vegetables like spinach and red and yellow peppers.

This will help to ensure you get plenty of quality nutrition while also sticking as closely to the plan as possible.

If you'd like to find another diet recipe that offers a bit more variety, keep in mind that you can eat some of the amber foods such as oily fish, chicken, nuts, rice and pasta as long as you watch portion sizes and how often you are consuming them. Making a dish for dinner once or twice a week with these foods is a perfectly good way to balance out this plan and make sure you taste buds are still satisfied.

The foods you want to avoid the most are going to be highly processed or ones that are very high in fat so avoid any dishes that are deep fried or have a lot of added sugar.

The best dessert options for this plan will be low-fat frozen yogurt, fruit dishes as well as home-made smoothies.