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Weight loss product

The Traffic Light Diet is a weight loss product that focuses on getting you eating healthier food choices so that not only do you increase your nutritional intake but also consume fewer calories thus help to reduce the number on the scale.

This weight loss product divides foods into three different categories based on how many calories they contain and how nutritious they are.

You'll have red foods, amber foods and green foods that range from high to moderate to low calories respectively. By choosing the green and amber foods more often while limiting the red foods, this weight loss product helps you obtain the body mass decrease you are looking for.

The green foods include things like vegetables, fruit, low-fat milk, yogurt, white fish and other forms of seafood. Coming in on the amber list include potatoes, low-fat cheese, oily fish, lean meat, chicken and turkey, beans, nuts and legumes, seeds, rice, pasta and whole wheat bread. Finally, on the red food list you'll find the remaining food choices including most desserts, high fat red meat, sugar cereals and snack type of foods, high fat condiments and dressings as well as soda and alcohol.

Probably one of the nicest things about this diet is that it does not have you counting calories all that much but rather just focusing in on food selection. For those individuals who really hate tracking many different numbers this type of plan is likely going to really appeal to them, as it will provide them with a greater feeling of freedom.