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Body for life products

When you're on this diet there is no shortage of Body For Life products that you can use to help you along.

The main Body For Life Products are divided into the categories of:

  • Myoplex brand shakes and bars
  • AdvantEDGE brand bars and shakes
  • strength aids like Betagen, Phosphagen and Phosphagen HP
  • Recovery aids such as 'Athlete's Defense', HMB, L-Glutamine and Muscle Armor'
  • Precision supplements including CLA, Nitron 5 and Thermo DynamX
  • Endurance powders to help you perform longer during physical activity

You should be aware however that you do not necessarily have to purchase these Body For Life products in order to have success on this diet. Most of these choices are going to be more intended for the athlete who is looking to optimize their performance while still losing weight.

You can make good use out of some of the products or bars that are offered as quick meal solutions however do be aware that they will be lacking the fibre that you would get from a complete meal with fruits and vegetables.

Be warned that this diet program is heavily endorsed by many companies and they are going to try and push their supplements on you. If you are looking to keep costs down, it is going to be a much better idea to try and use real foods as much as possible.