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Body for life challenge

When you start this diet, taking the Body For Life Challenge is the perfect way to keep your motivational levels up to stick with the diet.

The Body For Life challenge consists of 12 weeks of following their structured diet and exercise plan in order to make consistent changes in your normal routine. After these twelve weeks are up, you'll find that many of the things you've been doing have now become a habit and therefore, you'll continue on even after the Body For Life Challenge is finished.

In order to participate you need to take before and after pictures along with writing down your inner transformation that took place. After this is complete you then send your package into the judges where you will be competing against others just like yourself who have changed they way they have eaten and exercised for the past 3 months. Participants will be evaluated on both their physical as well as inner transformation, so even if you haven't lost a significant amount of weight, don't let this factor deter you from entering.

Remember too that even if you have a few slip-ups you can still enter the contest. While you definitely want to stick with the plan as much as possible, part of the inner transformation is learning about the way you respond to various triggers that cause you to eat and finding ways to deal with them. If one particular food set you back once but then didn't at a later date that is just as much progress as any!