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We have seen what Pilates involves on the Pilates Exercise page.

If after reading the Pilates books and information you think that Pilates exercise is for you (and it is an exercise program that is rapidly increasing in followers) then you are going to need some more in depth information. Below we have listed some of the better Pilates books that are available. Use the links to find out more details about each publication.

The Official Body Control Pilates Manual

Pilates Body ControlAuthor: Lynne Robinson (Paperback - 11 January, 2002
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Everything about this tome by the leading Pilates authorities is official, marking it out as a serious, in-depth guide to the fitness system which creates lean bodies through building muscle, tone and flexibility.

Pure Pilates: Ultimate Body Sculpting

Pure PilatesAuthor: Michael King,
(Hardcover, 30 March, 2000
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

This book concentrates on the 'pure' Pilates matwork exercises as originally taught by Joseph Pilates in clear, easy-to-follow steps. Each exercise is illustrated with a series of specially commissioned duotone photographs, showing clearly how the body should be positioned. If you are going to buy this book take a look at the Exercise Mat page for a piece of additional equipment.

Pilates for Every Body

Pilates For Every BodyAuthor: Denise Austin (Paperback, August 2003, Publisher: Rodale Press )

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

Bestselling author, workout video star, and host of "Denise Austin's Fit and Lite" and "Denise Austin's Daily Workout" on Lifetime Television introduces a gentle approach to Pilates.