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Pilates exercise

Now very well establised Pilates Exercise was developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates and is a method of exercise focused to improve both strength and flexibility.

Pilates has a massive following world-wide and is still increasing in popularity. Pilates exercise is an acronym which stands for Proximal Integrating Latent Agile Toning Exercise System.

Pilates Exercise Aims

Pilates is an exercise form emphasising body alignment and correct breathing while focusing on the lower and deeper abdominals on the one hand and the mid-back and part of the shoulder muscles on the other. The goal of Pilates is to provide a greater understanding of postural alignment during movement of the human body in the three dimensional planes. This is achieved by controlled movements, proper biomechanics and flow of movement in a variety of positions (standing, prone, side-laying, supine, sitting & kneeling ).

Through Pilates people are instructed in how to move according to the body's natural harmony and alignment - moving in a way that the body is designed to move. Joseph Pilates emphasise that the way the body is used in the modern world (with people sitting all day, engaging in repetitive tasks) cannot remain healthy, and his Pilates exercises were designed to address this problem.

Pilates - Where Next?

You could dedicate a whole site to Pilates exercise, and there are probably some out there for you to find. If you are thinking that Pilates could be the exercise for you then have a look at our further Pilates Exercise page.

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