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Beer Calories

Beer Calories is a popular search on the internet and highlights the problems with lifestyle vs weight loss. Here are some of the more popular beers around and their assocated calorie amounts.


Use the linksat the bottom of this page to navigate to the beer of your choice.

Beer (12 fl oz) Calories
Amber Ice beer 130
Artic Ice beer 150
Augsburger Bock beer 170
Ballard Bitter beer 180
Beamish Stout 131
Beck's beer 150
Big Sky beer 150
Black & Tan beer 185
Black Label beer 155
Blackhook Porter beer 160
Blatz beer 135
Blue Moon Ale 160
Budweiser Dry beer 130
Budweiser Ice beer 150
Budweiser beer 150
Busch beer 145
Busch Ice 173

Calories In Beer A-B
Calories In Beer C-H
Calories In Beer I-Z
Calories In Light Beer
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