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Side Leg Raise

The Side Leg Raise, or Leg Adduction, is very similar to the Front Leg Raise and targets similar muscles.

It will give a workout to the sides of the thighs and to the hips. The Side Leg Raise requires balance, so use a chair or table to help you while doing this exercise.

Remember to stay in your comfort zone and move the legs slowly and smoothly.

  • Stand next to the chair using one hand to balance.

  • Throughout the exercise keep your body facing forwards. Do not rotate your hips or shoulders when you are moving your leg.

  • With your left leg slightly bent, raise your right leg out sideways to a position that is comfortable for you. Keep your toe pointing forward and ensure the rest of your body is still facing forward.

  • Hold the leg out to the side for 3 seconds, then return back to the starting position.

  • Repeat the Side Leg Raise a further four times.

  • Repeat the exercise using the left leg, keeping the body straight and the right leg slightly bent.
To make the exercise a little more challenging you can increase the amount of repetitions in your routine, or purchase some ankle weights to improve further on your strength.

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