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Front Leg Raise

The Front Leg Raise will help to strengthen and tone the front of the thighs and also will increase hip flexibility.

The exercise is very similar to the Side Leg Raise.

The Front Leg Raise also helps with balance, and it's a good idea to use a chair or table to help with the balancing. Remember to stay within your comfort zone and keep your movements smooth and fluid.

  • Stand upright with feet together, place on hand on the back of a chair or table to balance.

  • With your left leg slightly bent, raise your right leg out in front of you up to a height that you are comfortable with. Try to keep your right leg straight.

  • Hold your leg out in front of you for 2-3 seconds.

  • Lower the leg back to the starting position back to the floor.

  • Repeat the Front Leg Raise a further 5 times with the right leg.

  • Repeat the Raises with the left leg, keeping the right leg slightly bent throughout.

If you find this exercise easy then increase the number of repetitions of the exercise. You can also start holding the raised leg out in front for a longer and longer period of time. If you find that you still need a little more of a challenge then why not purchase some ankle weights to use during the exercise.

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