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Alternative products for losing weight

There's a great range of alternative products available to help you if weight loss is your goal. From herbal products to slimming pants, the sheer number of different options can be almost overwhelming.

When shopping for alternative products, check out what other slimmers have to say before making a purchase. Independent product reviews will tell you far more than any manufacturer's hyperbole.

If you are clear what your goals are, and what will help you get there, then some of these less traditional options may be just what you need.

Slimming pants
With the promise of instantly improved appearance, slimming pants can help you feel look and better.

>> Slimming pants
Slimming belt
Choose between the two types of slimming belts on the market to find the one that works for you.

>> Slimming belt
Alternative products
Alternative products Weight loss spa
A visit to a weight loss spa can kick start your diet and teach you techniques to make progress.

>> Weight loss spa
Body wraps
Relaxing and refreshing, body wraps can take up to six inches off in just one session.

>> Body wraps