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Slimming belt for quick weight loss

There are two different types of slimming belts on the market. Some work by passing a current which oscillates through the skin to provide heat, while others work by trapping and enhancing your body's own heat to make you sweat more.

Electrical slimming belts typically heat up to around 42 degrees centigrade, and allow you to vary the speed of electrical oscillation.

Manufacturers claim that these slimming belts promote increased blood circulation which can help you get fit, lose weight and slim your waist.

They are designed to help you lose weight, improve digestion, and aid relaxation and exercising.

According to the makers, they will provide instant weight loss from waist and thighs, with the effects of a session lasting up to 48 hours.

A typical set should include:

  • The Belt
  • A Controller
  • Mains connection
  • User Manual
  • Storage Bag
The non-electrical models provide a sauna effect, providing additional support around the middle, and increasing sweating.

Manufacturers say that this will boost the benefits of your regular workout by retaining moist warmth and body heat, allowing you to you shed excess water around your middle as you exercise.

As they also have a supporting effect, people also wear them at other times.