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Zone diet book

If you have decided that the Zone diet books are the right plan then its the diet for you.

Or you like some further information, we have recommended some books that will help you get the most out of the Zone diet. Use the links to find out further details about these the Zone diet books.

The Zone: Revolutionary Life Plan to Put Your Body in Total Balance for Permanent Weight Loss

Zone DietAuthor: Barry Sears, Bill Lawren
(Hardcover, 1 June 1995,
Publisher: Regan Books)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

An approach to diet, which treats food as a powerful drug that when used wisely will bring benefits to health. It is based on the idea of controlling the hormones in the body by the food we eat to create hormonal balance, which then helps to burn fat, lose weight, fight disease and alleviate pains.

A Week in the Zone

Zone Diet BookAuthor: Barry Sears
(Paperback, 1 March 2000 ,
Publisher: HarperPaperbacks)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Outlines a seven-day introduction to the Zone diet program and includes a week's worth of recipes, guidelines for vegetarians, shopping lists, and hints for dining out.

The Top 100 Zone Foods

Zone Diet FoodsAuthor: Barry, PhD Sears
(Hardcover, 1 May 2001,
Publisher: HarperCollins)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

Barry Sears' Zone diet has become a national phenomenon-a frequent topic of talk-show conversation, a favourite of celebrities, and most importantly, a godsend for millions of everyday people looking to lose weight, stay healthy, and still enjoy their food. Now, in his Top 100 Zone Foods, Sears offers 100 sumptuous "mix and match" Zone recipes replete with simple directions, appropriate Zone Block information, and foolproof formulas for perfect nutritional and hormonal balance.

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