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South beach diet book

The South Beach Diet book is proving to be one of the most popular diet books.

If you have not already had a look then check out our information - click South Beach Diet book. If you would like to see an example South Beach Diet then go to our South Beach Diet Recipe to find out more.

If you are one of a rapidly growing number who have decided that the South Beach diet is for them then you are going to need some specific South Beach diet information. Below are the best South Beach Diet books that are available. To find out about the books in more detail use the links below.

The South Beach Diet

Author: Arthur Agatston
(Hardcover - Random House Large Print Publishing - April 2003)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Cardiologist Dr Arthur Agatston originally tailored this diet for his patients to improve the state of their hearts, and of course their general health as well. But almost by mistake, they began to lose weight too, growing in popularity as it did so. Developed with the help of a professional nutritionist, Dr Agatston's diet provides easy-to-follow eating plans and recipes to keep you firmly on track. The recipes are simple to prepare and aim to lose weight from the waist first. The results and health benefits are immediate and long-term and positive results can start to show within just two weeks. There is no counting of calories, no fighting with exercises and no banned foods.

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