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Hay diet books

The Hay diet books allow you to read about this food combination diet.

If you have decided that the Hay diet book appeals to you, or you just want to find our some more information, we have recommended some books that will help you get the most out of the Hay diet book.

Use the links to find out further details about the Hay diet books.

Food Combining for Health Cookbook: Better Health and Weight Loss with the Hay Diet

Hay Diet RecipeAuthor: Jackie Le Tissier, Jean Joice
(Paperback, 17 July 2000,
Publisher: HarperCollins)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

A food combining diet is it often perceived as being complicated. This cookbook offers recipes and an easy-reference food-type chart so each ingredient can be checked off as starch, protein or alkaline.

The 7-day Hay Diet Plan

Hay Diet PlanAuthor: Carolyn Humphries
(Paperback, 8 December 1997,
Publisher: Foulsham)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

Health and weight loss guide designed to allow readers to start on the Plan and see results before studying the explanations of how it works.

The Hay Diet Made Easy - A Practical Guide to Food Combining

Hay DietAuthor: Jackie Habgood
(Paperback, March 1997,
Publisher: Souvenir Press Ltd)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

Explains the principles of food combining, suggests meals and menus, explains how to migrate to the Hay diet, and offers advice on food-related ailments.

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