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The London Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Now London's longest and largest established group of cosmetic surgery clinics, Transform has opened its 22nd location in Brentford, London, with much fanfare. More than 100 guests were onsite for the celebration of the high-end Abbey Riverside Clinic's opening, including Liz McClarnon, the winner of Celebrity MasterChef, and Nicky Hambleton-Jones of 10 Years Younger. Also in attendance were model Charlotte Mears, and Big Brother stars Chanelle Hayes and Marcus Akin.

Personal stylish, dietician, and image/beauty expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones provided everyone with an informative onstage talk on beauty, style, and other related topics. Then, she delighted the crowd with a question and answer period. Throughout the session, Nicky proved to be as much an inspiration to the guests as she is to millions of men and women across the UK. At the centre of her talk was the idea that everyone can look fantastic, and how everyone can achieve it with very little effort.

Throughout the evening, guests were also treated to a firsthand look at a number of non-invasive beauty treatments including facial peels, fillers, and wrinkle smoothers. And, while they don't offer cosmetic surgery, West London beautification specialists from Jeffrey's thrilled the guests with complimentary hair styling and nail painting.

For one guest, 'thrilled' was an understatement when she won the night's prize drawing, which included a £500 voucher for non-invasive treatments from a Transform cosmetic surgeon as well as a personal consultation with Nicky Hambleton-Jones. The winner Martina Maran of Feltham was excited and eager to learn how to look even more beautiful and for the pampering.

Lastly, before everyone left for the evening, each person received a fantastic goodie bag filled with a number of great products, including Body Shop lip balms, Restalyne post treatment eye masks, BioRepair toothpaste and vitamin water.

The new Abbey Riverside Clinic isn't Transform's first private clinic and hospital in the city. It joins the Fulham, New Cavendish Street and Finchley cosmetic surgery facilities. Each location offers patients a number of surgical treatments including facelift surgery, rhinoplasty surgery and breast augmentation. Other treatments offered at these clinics include dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, line and wrinkle smoothing and facial peels.

Transform is Britain's top cosmetic surgery network with 35 years experience and 22 clinics throughout the country information on the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group can be found on their website.