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Overweight Tester

Do you think you're overweight or obese? Do you know what your ideal weight should be? If the answer to those questions is yes and then no, then we think we can help you in a very simple and quick way.

Why not use our simple overweight calculator to see if you need to lose weight, or if your diet and fitness plan has paid off.

Our overweight calculator will give you a figure for your current daily calorie intake, what your daily calorie intake should be, and also what your ideal weight for your height should be. If you need to convert your weight or height use the weight / height convertors provided.

Test If You Are Overweight

Select Your Gender : Male Female

Enter Your Weight (lbs):

Enter Your Height: ft.in.

Enter Your Waist Size (in) :

Describe Your Lifestyle
InactiveModerately Active Very Active

Select Your Age Range
> 50 Years

Did You Give Up A Fad Diet In Past 30 Days?
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Overweight Test Results

Your Ideal Weight Goal Should Be About

You Are Currently Overweight By

You Have About Pounds Of Excess Fat

Suppose, you're 10 pounds overweight and have 20 pounds of excess fat. Then, all you have to do in order to reach your target goal is burn 10 out of 20 pounds of excess fat!If you're not overweight, then it's generally OK to have extra pounds of stored fat although you should try to replace the excess fat mass with muscle mass to attain a perfect Body Fat Percentage. That will tone up your body and get rid of the flabbiness to make you look great!

Please note that these measurements are to be taken as a guide only. The calculation is only a basic guide and will not take into account an individual persons build factors. For example, a fit individual, athlete, or individual with a large muscle mass will show as having a high body fat content. This calculator also gives inaccurate readings for taller than average or shorter than average people. If you have any concerns about your weight you should contact your medical practitioner or nutritionist.