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Waist Twist

The Waist Twist or Trunk Twist is a good simple exercise that helps you firm up and tone your waist / tummy.

The waist twist exercise is low impact and a nice gentle warm up before adding the Sit-Ups and Crunches into your daily workout.

Remember to always stay in your own comfort zone during the waist twist exercise and keep good form, move slowly and with smooth movements.

  • Sit fully upright on a chair with feet flat on the floor slightly apart.

  • Place your fingertips so they are touching the top of the shoulders, so the arms are bent at the elbows.

  • Slowly twist the elbows, arms and shoulders as if you are turning to look over your shoulder. Don't turn your head, let it follow round with the upper part of your body.

  • Throughout the turn keep your abdominal muscles tensed.

  • Once you have reached as far round as is comfortable, slowly rotate back round to the opposite side, then return to the starting position.

  • Repeat the exercise for a further 5-6 repetitions.
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