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The Squat is a simple exercise that will improve strength and tone the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings. It is also an exercise that will improve balance.

If balance is not your strong point then use a table or chair to aid your balance while doing squat exercises.

Remember, always stay in your own comfort zone during the exercise and keep good form, move slowly and with smooth movements. Also ensure that you keep your breathing regular and try to breathe in as you squat and out as you stand up.

  • Stand upright with your back straight and feet shoulder width apart.

  • Slowly and carefully bend you knees and lower yourself towards the ground. It is important in this exercise to stay within your comfort zone and not lower yourself too far down.

  • Slowly come to the squat position, as if you were about to sit on an invisible chair, pause for a second and then slowly come to the upright position again.

  • Complete 3-6 repetitions if you are new to the exercise, do not do too much straight away.

  • As your target muscles become stronger you can increase the number of repetitions and squat lower to the ground. This will make the exercise much more effective for strengthening an toning the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings.
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