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Chest Firming

This exercise will help your chest firming regimet, and will prepare you for undertaking further upper body strengthening exercise.

For chest firming always stay in your own comfort zone during the exercise and keep good form, move slowly and with smooth movements.

  • This exercise can be done from either a sitting or standing position - do whichever is more comfortable.
  • Hold your arms out in front, elbows bent with a cushion between your palms.
  • Gently squeeze the cushion between your palms, hold for a few seconds, then release.
  • Breathing correctly is an important part of this exercise. You should try to breathe out as you squeeze the cushion between your palms and breathe in as you release the pressure on the cushion.
  • Initially try to complete 6 repetitions but build up as as you begin to increase strength.

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