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Gyms & fitness clubs

Love it or loathe it, gyms and fitness clubs are here to stay and they offer an excellent place for weight reduction and to improve your general fitness. UK Gyms are becoming more and more popular with every age, from seniors fitness through to new specially design children's gyms and fitness clubs. In short they are no longer the stomping ground of fit young twenty somethings.

People from all walks of life and from all weight and fitness ranges attend. Some gyms focus solely around weights and weight training, others around keep-fit classes.

Whatever exercise you are looking to do there should be a gym near you that will fit the bill (or have you thought of exercising at home ?)

Before joining a gym go and have a look around at the facilities available. Do they have suitable, modern, well maintained equipment? Are the classes included in the price? Ask yourself if you will be able to complete your fitness and weight loss goals there? Many gyms offer a free initial trial period so you can get the feel of the place without committing to join, and it is well worth attending the gym a few times before you make your decision.

Persuade a friend or family member to join along with you - especially if they have similar goasl as you for their reasons for working out. It is proven that having a partner to work out with will help you push yourself, keep yourself motivated and not drop out after just a couple of weeks!

LivingWell Gyms

Part of Hilton Hotels Group, find your nearest LivingWell and discover for yourself how "we personalise fitness for life". Many clubs being refurbished so why not check if there's one close to you.

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The Pro's and Con's of joining a health club


- There are multiple classes to attend, there should be one to suit everyone.
- There's usually a wide range of equipment to help you target weight loss.
- Professionals are often on hand to offer advice on fitness and exercise.
- Most modern exercise equipment will have a heart rate monitor, making it easy to stay in the target heart rate zone during your workout.
- Joining the gym may be the mental motivation that you need when beginning a weight loss program.
- All the areas highlighted in the exercise program section can be achieved at the gym.
- You will always be able to exercise indoors, the weather will not stop your fat burning!


- The Cost. Gym membership is often expensive and not for someone on a tight budget.
- If you feel uncomfortable exercising in public the gym is not the place to go.

Health clubs do not suit everyone, but can be a huge help in the quest to lose weight for good. Get out there and give it a go!