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Weight Watchers diet book

Based on the highly successful program, weight watchers diet books aim to encourage you to become involved in your local group - and why not? Over the years they have helped thousands of people to lose weight.

Inside the weight watchers diet book you'll find:

  • A 14-day diet and exercise plan
  • Recipes
  • Case histories of successful slimmers
  • Information on nutrition
  • A guide to body shapes and ideal weights
  • How to deal with problems such as tiredness and irritability
  • An exercise guide
  • Advice on staving off hunger
Weight watchers diet books are based on a points system, where all foods are assigned points based on their calories, grams of fat, and grams of fiber.

You have a daily points limit, and so long as you stay within that, you can eat whatever you want.

There are groups all over the UK, and the titles on offer would support anyone who attends a group. Titles include:

  • Easy meals
  • Great grills
  • Feasts from the East
  • Carefree Christmas
  • Make it in minutes
  • Winter warmers
If you like the support of a group, but are looking for a little more information, or a greater variety of recipes, then check out their range of publications.