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Sugar busters diet book for weight loss

What's the deadliest white powder? According to the sugar busters diet book, it's not cocaine, but the type that you put in your tea.

The sugar busters diet book works on the principle of cutting consumption of sugar in order to get rid of excess body fat.

The sugar busters diet book offers a plan that shares some features with GI (Glycemic Index) plans, which suggest that rapid rises in blood glucose, and the subsequent insulin production, can produce weight gain.

In the Sugar Busters diet book, all refined sugars are forbidden, including corn syrup, molasses, honey, sodas, dextrose, glucose, and maltodextrin. Even beer is off limits! They also target other refined carbohydrates such as refined flour, white rice, potatoes, corn, and even carrots.

So what can you eat? The plan proposes a balanced diet, with a goal of 30% protein, 40% fat, and 30% carbs. The carbs you can eat include stone-ground grains, high-fiber vegetables, and some fruits.

Unlike many weight loss plans, this has elements that many health professionals would support - reducing refined sugar is encouraged by many experts, and has many positive implications for health.

If you have a sweet tooth, and frequently find yourself craving sweet things, this plan may help you break the cycle.