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Rosemary Conley diet book information

If you're looking for Rosemary Conley diet books, then you have plenty of choices.

Over the years, the eponymous author has written dozens of Rosemary Conley diet books. Choices of Rosemary Conley diet books include:

  • GI Jeans
  • Complete Hip and Thigh
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Red Wine
  • Inch loss plan
  • Flat stomach plan
  • Eat yourself slim
  • Low fat cook book
  • Whole body programme

As one of the UK's favorite diet experts, the author has an authorative voice that thousands of people have come to trust over the years.

Her books are presented in a straightforward way that is designed to be easy to follow.
For example, the GI Jeans book involves no complex calorie counting - instead you'll find an easy to follow plan that includes a variety of toning exercises plus the choice of a fat-burning walking or running programme.

Also included are simple eating plans and a selection of delicious low fat recipes.

Whichever of her titles you look at, you'll find clearly presented information presented in an enthusiastic way. These plans have worked for thousands of people - why not you?