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Fast weight loss solutions

If your goal is fast weight loss, it pays to get good advice. For while fast weight loss is possible, the truth is that most people who go down this road soon pile the pounds back on.

That's why you should check out the great selection of books in our fast weight loss section. There's a great selection, each with a different approach to fast weight loss. You can go down the detox route, try the South Beach Diet, work the pounds off on an exercise based diet, or try one of the many low carb plans currently dominating the market.

So how do you choose, and how do you know which is likely to not just help you lose a few pounds quickly, but more importantly, keep them off?

There are a few things to look for in any of these books. First and foremost it must be a plan that fits your life - if you're a package food microwave type of person, for example, don't start a plan that calls for you to be cooking from scratch three times a day. Look also for foods you like, as there's nothing worse than a plan that is pure misery.

Finally, be sure that any book you buy has a thorough maintenance program, so that once the pounds melt away, they stay gone!