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Stomach stapling to lose weight

A serious medical procedure, stomach stapling (also know as Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, or VBG), involves using a band and staples to create a smaller stomach pouch. With a smaller stomach, it is much harder to overeat.

Stomach stapling is classified as a "severely dangerous" procedure by the AMA (American Medical Association), and is only performed after consultation with your doctor, after all other attempts at weight loss fail.

Stomach stapling works best when combined with a malabsorptive technique, whereby part of the digestive tract is bypassed, thus reducing the absorption of calories by the body.

Doctors emphasize that this procedure alone will not cure weight problems - following surgery, it is essential that you follow an appropriate program of diet and exercise - indeed, failure to do so will negate the effects of the surgery.

VBG is now losing favour, replaced by the Adjustable gastric band. This is a much safer procedure that does not require cutting the stomach and does not use any staple lines.

If you are considering VBG or one of the alternatives, talk with your doctor to see if there are any alternatives, or if you are a suitable candidate.