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Slimming world magazine reviews

The UK's best selling weight loss publication, Slimming World Magazine can help you if you are determined to shed those extra pounds.

Slimming World Magazine is packed with everything you need to know about healthy eating, fitness and looking and feeling great!

A typical issue of Slimming World Magazine will contain a variety of articles including:

  • Inspirational real-life stories of how readers have lost weight and changed their lives
  • A selection of delicious recipes to help you lose weight
  • The exclusive Food Optimising menu plan, a fun and easy way to lose weight
  • Shopping news - where to get the best deals on the things you need
  • Health advice
  • Beauty and fitness tips
  • Thought-provoking features
  • Fun competitions
Weight loss publications are a great way to get regular inspiration and information on ditching the pounds. When you have to tips you need, and the motivation that comes from reading of others who have been successful, it's so much easier to stick with your own plan.

So whether you just check out the occasional issue, or decide to take out a subscription, you'll find what you need to support your weight loss efforts.