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Calorie counting books

If you have not had a look already, why not see our counting calories section.

If you are looking for some further calorie count resources we have made a couple of suggestions below. If you are planning to lose weight by calorie counting then you will need a comprehensive guide with food calorie information. One of these books will be invaluable.

Our nutrition section also has calorie and nutritional information on a whole range of foods.

Claremont Pocket Reference Library: Calories

No Image AvailableAuthor: Claremont Pocket Reference Library
(Paperback, January 1995,
Publisher: Godfrey Cave / Claremont)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

An absolute essential for anyone wanting to follow a calorie controlled diet.

The Ultimate Diet Counter: Your Instant Guide to Carbohydrates, Calories and Protein

Diet CounterAuthor: Dr Charles Clark, Maureen Clark
(Paperback, 1 May, 2003,
Publisher: Vermilion)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (3/3)

This is a pocket-sized, easy-to-use food counter, designed to accompany any diet. It is organized into sensible food groups and provides just the level of information for a quick look-up: carbohydrates, calories and protein. It can be used in conjunction with any diet, enabling you to look up any food and work out whether it is going to work - whether your diet is low carbohydrate or calorie-controlled.

The Complete and Up-to-Date Fat Book: A Guide to the Fat, Calories, and Fat Percentages in Your Food - Fourth Edition

Calorie CountAuthor: Karen J. Bellerson
(Paperback, October 2001,
Publisher: Avery Publishing Group)

Weight Loss For Good Rating : (2/3)

A newly revised guide to the fat, calories, and fat percentages in our food contains page-by-page, straightforward, alphabetic listings of food products, listing the amounts of fat, calories, and percentage of calories derived from fat in each food.