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Starch blockers

One of many weight loss products available, Starch Blockers claim to be the solution to weight problems, products that are often marketed with little or no research to support long term safety or effectiveness.

Starch Blockers are not a new product but were originally first available back in the 70's but were taken off the market after they were deemed to be drugs and not supplements.

What Are Starch Blockers

Starch Blockers are amylase inhibitors, and are an extract, made from a protein in white kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) that inhibit the alpha-amylase enzyme. The blockers are supposed to prevent the breakdown of starch molecules, which are passed out in the faeces. Scientists have agreed that Starch Blockers could work in principle but have yet to come up with any published research to support the claims being made by the companies marketing these weight loss supplements.

Starch Blockers and Weight Loss

Investigation and research are ongoing with these supplements, but for the moment the bottom line is that they have not been proven to work. Money spent on these weight loss supplements will be better spent elsewhere. Instead of looking for 'miracle' weight loss solutions why not have a look at eating a more sensible healthy diet, counting calories and taking more exercise.

For further information on the Starch Blockers Diet - a diet based on the same principles as starch blockers themselves, click Starch Blocker Diet